Experienced trainer with a background in creativity

Rody Vonk has been working as an entrepreneur for over fifteen years. He started his working life as a creative concept developer in advertising agencies. Over the years he moved over to developing marketing and communication concepts and strategies for various companies and projects. Nowadays Rody uses his creative background to develop disruptive ideas and strategies for organizations that get stuck in their daily routine or projects. The learnings from these assignments are welcome examples and sources of inspiration in his trainings, workshops and presentations on Design Thinking, Serious Creativity and Innovation.

The trainings Rody facilitates are characterized by the combination of theory and practical group work. Hands-on activities and group discussion as well as interactive exercises and the application of different tools and techniques blend throughout his trainings.

Rody trained, inspired and coached a great variety of people, anywhere from board room members of national banks to university and high school students in startup bootcamps, innovation projects and trainings on solving (social) issues. He works internationally and has previously facilitated programs in Accra (Ghana), Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich and London.


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